NOR Shipping – Enterprise Ireland

The Marine Ireland pavilion at NOR Shipping 2017 was a 110sqm island exhibition stand, which was designed and project managed by Seek Design, to promote Irish marine industry companies. We worked with new Marine Ireland branding to design the space for the Irish Maritime Development Office and Enterprise Ireland. The stand creates a strong sense of this new modern brand, with impactful overhead hanging banners. The graphic design is layered between these banners and the main stand structure, creating a visual connection between the two elements. Individual company pods were designed, to reflect the modern yet industrial sector. They took influence from the bold colours and robust shapes used within maritime machinery. We managed the exhibition design process, collaborating with the various stakeholder and builders to ensure the stand would be both visually impactful and practical for the exhibiting companies. Alongside the company pods, which ran around the perimeter of the stand, we designed the spatial layout of a central store room and semi private meeting area, normal hop-up meeting area and stand reception desk.