Our Brand & Graphic Design Ethos

Seek Design strive to create an engaging brand and graphic design stories, to further enhance an existing brand’s presence or develop unique creative identities. We collaborate closely with our clients, to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of their business, before taking that building block and developing designs to suit a multitude of mediums. Due to our multidisciplinary business, which is at the forefront of graphic, interior, and exhibition design, we have forged ahead in the area of Environmental Graphic Design. Our skill set enables us to take a brand’s print and digital identity and allow it to grow further into physical installations, that staff and customers can engage and interact with.

Our Brand & Graphic Design Process

Listening to and understanding our clients is crucial to the success of any brand or graphic design project. This ensures we get a clear view of their hopes and aspirations for their company or design campaign. We use this information to tailor the design and create a totally original concept which will suit the client perfectly.

Graphic Design Dublin:

We go an extra mile to enable our clients to visually communicate their message clearly and effectively to their customers and distinguish their offerings from that of their competitors through the visual and verbal expression of their brand. Our approach is based on strategy and past experience shows that a strong and effective brand adds value to its business and has a real impact on the bottom line. At the beginning of every project, we initiate a conversation with our clients to get an insight into their company culture and their needs and use it as our point of departure. As the conversation evolves, we draft a creative strategy that embraces the client’s ideas and input as part of our approach and process.

We have a very simple philosophy; we enjoy what we do, we push for excellence and we always produce great results. Collaboration with our clients is at the core of our philosophy while unpacking our process and getting to the essence of the client’s objectives with top-tier creativity.

Collaborating with clients enables our graphic design agency to produce work that is effective, impactful and meets the client’s objectives. We are very transparent in our work and make sure that the client is informed at every stage of the project.

The best creative work comes from having a great team that plays and works together. The play is at the core of what drives our brilliant team, it is as important as meeting deadlines and fuels the team’s creativity and delivery.  We are an experienced team of graphic designers with a great passion for our work.

Graphic Design Services:

Our diverse team has varied experiences and skills in designing work for clients across different sectors and this has helped us to have an edge and be able to deliver the best creative work on every brief we encounter.

Our process is informed by new design concepts and the ever-evolving world that we live in. We pride ourselves in delivering designs that help our clients communicate with their customers and appeal to them — we bridge that gap between the client and the customer, to achieve growth.  Being part of a multi-faceted business, we are able to operate between disciplines and this helps us craft designs that have a solid core.

At Seek Design, we work with our clients, at any stage to meet their business needs; it may be at the initial stage of brand development, ad-hoc design work, campaigns or even rebranding projects/exercises.

Our open dialogue of ideas with our clients, allows us to think beyond the norm so that we are able to provide several creative solutions to each brief. We believe that our clients can innovate and improve their businesses by harnessing creativity, being relevant and building a solid idea through their brand. Our impressive portfolio illustrates all of this and demonstrates our expertise and creative output.

Graphic Design Studio:

We have maintained a good relationship with our clients over the years and they have become our creative partners and collaborators through the work we have produced with them. This has, in turn, allowed us to understand them better and assemble only the best project teams for their respective graphic design projects.

Our clients are inspirational and at different levels in their business journeys; they aim to create and motivate change and working with us has catapulted them to success and helped them achieve all of this and more. Some of our clients include industry players such as LinkedIn as well National College of Art and Design here in Dublin.

Graphic Design Companies:

Some of our past projects have seen us delve deep into Environmental Graphic Design for LinkedIn’s Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Dublin. For this project, we produced work that is not just beautiful but functional and also communicates the company’s values and culture.

The project also saw us break out of our normal graphic design offering by collaborating with other key players in the project such as the architects for the HQ as well as a local weaver in Dublin to create some original elements for the project. This is just an example of how we are able to stretch our capabilities and collaborate with clients and other key players to deliver exceptional work.

We always look forward to tackling the next project and look to partner and collaborate with businesses that we can learn from and hopefully grow with to create a better future. We are driven by curiosity and enjoy challenging ourselves beyond the norm.