Our Interior Design Ethos

Our ethos is to deliver inspirational and innovative interiors to engage with customers and fulfill our client’s needs. Interpreting our clients’ aesthetic and functional requirements is an essential part of our expertise so that the design reflects their brand and responds to their customer’s lifestyle, tastes, and aspirations. We pride ourselves on collaborating closely with our clients to design practical solutions which function well, yet excite and entice customers.

Each interior design project is produced with close attention to detail, managed and implemented with great care. We work with craftsmen and bespoke furniture makers as required, to create seamless, well executed and beautifully finished projects, delivered on time and on budget.

Working on schemes that range from small intimate residential spaces to large commercial renovation and refurbishment projects, our in-house team of interior designers, architects, and technical staff work closely alongside our trusted planning consultants, engineers, and contractors.

Our design skills encompass interior design, architecture, and space planning through to creating bespoke furnishings, joinery, and lighting design schemes. We can source unusual accessories, vintage and salvaged pieces as well as artwork for residential and commercial projects.

Our Interior Design Process

Brief – Listening to and understanding our clients is crucial to the success of any commercial or residential interior design project. This ensures we get a clear view of their hopes and aspirations for space. We use this information to tailor the design and create a totally original concept which will suit the client perfectly.

Design – Initially, concepts are created to fit the client’s budget and brief. 3D Visuals are created as appropriate to help the client visualize the scheme. Following the concept presentation, schemes are revised where necessary, until the client is satisfied. Detailed CAD drawing packages are created alongside tender documentation to allow the project to be precisely costed. Once a contractor has been appointed, tender drawings are updated to allow for the project to proceed to construction.

Construction and Fitout – We can facilitate our clients with independent contractors, joiners, decorators, fitters etc whom we regularly work with and highly recommend. Should the client wish to work with their own preferred team, we are very happy to collaborate with them.

Interior Design Dublin:

At the start of every project, we get a thorough understanding of the client’s needs; this includes asking questions, listening, absorbing, observing, as well as sharing and enlightening.

Thereafter, we can begin to consider the scope of work and focus on the space; equipped with the knowledge of how human life will interact with it and proposing any renovations and reconfigurations that will solve spatial problems and ensure that client satisfaction remains paramount.

Modern Interior Design:

Once the interior space has been programmed and planned, we turn our focus to materials and finishes; this includes walls, proper lighting, floors — and ultimately interior and exterior furnishings and craftsmanship. We strongly believe that great design is in the details — and seek to create a marriage between beauty and functionality — as one cannot exist without the other. For a project to come together, we pay close attention to the different principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. It is with this systematic approach that leads to the most cohesive and successful interiors.

Through collaborative work with architects, engineers, investors and professionals from other disciplines; our design studio in Dublin focuses on creative, innovative tailor-made solutions and ensure that excellence in interior design brings real value to our clients — optimizing all of the resources available.

This approach and commitment to each and every client relationship has led to a diverse range of unique projects both locally and internationally. We have built a reputation for delivering on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations.

Interior Design Architecture:

Over the past seven years, we have helped define Irish interior design. Our robust portfolio includes collaboration and partnership with some of the most respected global brands — including corporate interior design for the Merrion Office in Georgian, Dublin and LinkedIn Headquarters Office in Graz, Austria — as well as interior design for Grand Social Bar and O’Briens Sandwich Cafes in our hospitality sector. Whether you are looking for a modern or contemporary interior design — we do it all.

As professional designers, we use our knowledge and consider how people experience interactions and sensation within the space to create interiors that are physically and psychologically comfortable. Designing, redesigning, or renovating an interior space often involves a significant investment of time, money, and effort.  

Not only do we assist in solving your spatial problems, we also ensure you get value for your investment. Our services also provide you peace of mind knowing that your project will:

  •       Meet your needs and specifications
  •       Prevent costly mistakes
  •       Be both functional and aesthetically pleasing
  •       Make the most of available space
  •       Potentially contribute to improved quality of life and increased productivity
  •       Meet building codes and safety standards
  •       Meet universal accessibility guidelines
  •       Incorporate sustainable design and ergonomics  

In an increasingly complex world, we crave authentic spaces and results that are cost-effective and offer long-term happiness. There is a great need for functional, safe, healthy and attractive interiors in every community. The way we work has changed, and we look to space design to enhance productivity and efficiency and seek out workplaces that have the familiarity of home. More importantly, our lifestyle choices and aspirations drive the retail landscape, and we use design to positively impact our retail experiences and performances.

Every idea starts with a client and their need for better solutions to enhance their life. They are the fuel that sparks cleaver concepts and solutions.

Irish Interior Designers Dublin:

At Seek Design we’re experts in applying intelligence to design to help you fulfill your need for connection and a sense of belonging. Our contracting services cover all scenarios; we guide and mentor clients to envision a better future, support the new working practice, help organizations evolve and continue to deliver value. We do so by developing a personal vision for every project and this makes us interior designers of choice in Ireland.

Unique among interior design companies, we understand that changed spaces, change lives and therefore deliver interior design solutions that aren’t only informed and purposeful, but also worth the investment.

Interior Design Consultation Dublin:

We explore every project’s budget parameters and time demands — from the initial concept and space planning stage, all through to the final design stage. The real value is found in the client’s return on investment and this is where our core purpose comes in; to witness each and every client reach greater heights through beautifully executed interior design solutions.

Staying on top of the game with new technology and the changing design process that bring better and improved solutions to age-old problems has allowed us to contribute towards the shift in interior design services in Dublin, making us the most profound Irish interior design company.

Contemporary Interior Design Companies:

Our design studio is passionate and highly dedicated; with a combination of experience, talent, principles and deep industry knowledge. We are well equipped for new changes that allow us to serve our clients better and have created a unique team-designing structure that isn’t like any other in the industry. It is essential to stay focused and motivated to provide consistent and exceptional work — this is fundamentally the heart and core of our design philosophy.