Shannon Airport Duty Free

Customer journey comes first in award winning duty-free experience

The Shannon Group
1 Year (2017)
Co.Clare, Ireland
430 sqm
Inspired by the elements. Stone installation in Shannon Duty Free

The Brief
Revitalise and modernise the duty-free experience at Shannon Airport.  Design a retail space that set a standard for outstanding airport duty-free, rooted in its location in the West of Ireland.

Inspired by the elements. Gondola display unit detail.

Inspired by the elements. Summer rain installation.

The Design
Inspired by the landscape and weather in the West of Ireland,  the area was designed to appeal to a broad range of customers, from Europe to America. When planning the layout, we focused on the customers’ pathway through the store to encourage an engaging journey that could be either leisurely or efficient depending on their needs. We then looked at the variety of sectors and products to be displayed and how they could be best presented to the customer.

The Outcome
The design developed into a space where perfumes and cosmetics could sit alongside tweed blankets and glassware, all tied together with the same visual language. Materials such as dry stone walls, rich fertile moss reflect the unique sense of space. Functional, adjustable wall and gondola units are flexible for the retailer and enhance the design’s longevity. The design won 2 awards in the Annual Retail Excellence Ireland Awards.

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