About us

Seek Design are a business to business design company specializing in Interior, Graphic & Exhibition Design.

Established in 2011, Seek Design was set up by architect Daria Lisowska and interior architect Niamh McNeela. Working closely with clients, Seek Design provides personalized design advice and creative solutions to existing design challenges.

Seek Design creates distinctive, ergonomic and functional spaces that have enduring appeal. Each space is carefully considered and planned to result in interiors and exhibitions that are user-friendly and aesthetically engaging.

Seek Design also provides a full graphic design service creating brand identities that emphasize a brand’s qualities and engages customers, further connecting them to that brand.

Our Interior Design Service includes:

Seek Design offers an array of personalized interior design options for residential, commercial property and the hospitality sector throughout Ireland.

We aim to create designs that are timeless, intelligent and specific to you with professionalism and efficiency. We firmly believe that great interior design is transformational; it changes the way we relate to our environment, the way we feel and think, improves our work, transports us to unexpected aspirations, and bring us healing.

At Seek Design, we recognize that your requirements are diverse and our design studio works closely with you to understand your company culture or personal lifestyle. The interior design Dublin always give best in this business.

These insights guide us in our quest to create spatial designs for various types of uses and experiences which are both functional and aesthetically engaging. Our expertise is shared across the spectrum of design disciplines to ensure tactile, healthy, secure, comfortable, efficient and meaningful interiors; and each project is curated to enhance human experiences.

Our Exhibition Stand Design Service includes:

At Seek Design we build show-stopping exhibitions stands that create an impression. Through detailed planning and high-end design & fabrication quality standards.

We help and assist clients to develop spectacular and desired exhibition stands in trade fairs and events. We are skilled at understanding complex requirements and provide bespoke solutions; whether you want to enhance your brand, launch a new product or increase the loyalty of existing clients.  

Our innovative design studio in Dublin creates unique custom stands and innovative concepts to bring your presentation to its desired success.

Our rich ideas are accompanied by the use of the latest materials and technology perfectly tailored to each individual project. We are inspired by each client’s unique needs and aspirations, and we strive to exceed expectations every time. We make sure that everything, including graphic design management and branding, is managed under one roof to meet the specification.

We love to share in our client’s success, hence our strength emphasizes on attention to detail, timely delivery, and uncompromised high-quality standards.

Our Graphic Design Service includes:

We provide full professional graphic design services in Ireland creating memorable and visual presentations that emphasize a brands quality and strengthen their credibility.

Our design agency understands that each project is unique, and no matter how large or small, simple or complicated a project is, our goal is to deliver a service that is impactful and helps our clients achieve their goals.

Graphic design has been the driving force of any business that aims to be successful for years; it is even more important now in an era that’s ruled by technology, as well as many players in the market and that’s why we aim to be among the best players in the graphic design industry here in Ireland. Culturally relevant brand identity and strategy that appeals to customers is essential for any business that aims to not only be profitable and sustainable but also make an impact.

Some of the most successful businesses today have very strong brand identities that demand a place in the market and become a staple in whatever environment they are positioned. These brands have built trust with the consumers and keep growing to gain even more customers.

A well-executed graphic design project does not only look aesthetically pleasing but it is engaging and also communicates other values the brand or business may pride itself in, such as reliability, exceptional quality, and practicality.

Our Aim:

We understand that businesses are looking to create authentic experiences and achieve the maximum return on investment. Whatever your budget is, we ensure cost-effective services with maximum impact and value you will not find elsewhere.

The exhibition display will be planned and best designed and installed to suit a pre-defined budget. The ultimate goal is to see that a project is delivered on time, on a budget, on the brief and well executed beyond expectation worthy of us being entrusted to work with our clients again in the future.

All our exhibition stands are aligned with the exhibition target — all displays and graphic details of the exhibits are prepared by our design agency and exhibition stand contractors. For a new business looking to launch new products; we ensure that all designs are relevant and important for the targeted audience.

Our thorough research enables us to lay down the company’s personality in order to provide only the best solutions to befit the brand. For seasoned brands looking to maintain existing customers, we have the market intelligence and experience to enhance your business and visibility time after time by coming up with new out-of-the-box ideas.