LinkedIn EMEA Office

Linking LinkedIn’s culture & values to the EMEA region

Dublin, Ireland
17,600 sqm

3D Fáilte (Welcome) Wall

Wall Graphic Pattern Design
Interactive Wall Graphic

The Brief
Design a range of graphics including bespoke and interactive elements together with a wayfinding system that resonates with the culture of LinkedIn and introduces a regional flare. The bespoke wayfinding signage package aided users navigating the various areas of the large office. You can see more  detail of this wayfinding design here.

Wayfinding Signage Design

Wayfinding Signage & Café Branding

The Design
Using Environmental Graphic Design to express the client’s values and personality allowed us to be bold and inventive. We created walls and spaces that inspire and invite people to interact with them. To bring a bespoke Irish element to the space, we worked with local weaver Áine Dunne to create a 3D woven “In bug”- LinkedIn’s logo. We also worked with illustrator Monika Mituke to create a beautifully detailed hand drawing that was enlarged for the café walls.

— LinkedIn have been partnering with the team in Seek Design since early 2015.  We are inspired and delighted on a daily basis with the quality of design solutions which the team from Seek Design have provided for us.  The thought that has gone into the bespoke design elements on each floor is truly wonderful. I am more than happy to recommend the team at Seek.

Eileen Slamon Workplace Manager, LinkedIn Dublin

The Outcome
A wide ranging suite of bright, playful designs that capture the client’s values and create a sense of place.

Bespoke "Inbug" Tapestry

Áine Dunne Weaving the "Inbug" Tapestry

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