Paypal Phase 3

Movement & Energy inspires installations and wall graphics

Phase 3 - 4800sqm

The Brief
Design a suite of bespoke posters inspired by Irish landmarks, wall graphics, and an atrium installation taking inspiration from movement and energy while also incorporating Paypal’s values and cultures.

Open Area Office Graphic

Open Area Office Graphic Close Up

The Design
Working closely with the architect and client, we designed bespoke open area graphics, an atrium installation and framed meeting room posters. The open area office graphics used dynamic lines to create a feeling of movement while communicating Paypal’s values and culture. The meeting room posters were abstracted images of Irish Landmarks, creating a sense of place within the office space. The atrium installation spanned through 3 atrium floors and communicated PayPal’s values using colourful 3D lettering. The interchanging letters in neon allowed the words to be read both vertically and horizontally.

Atrium Installation

Atrium Installation

The Outcome
The graphics brought energy to the office space whilst also creating a sense of place for the global brand.

Entrance Wall Graphic

Atrium Installation

Meeting Room Bespoke Poster

Meeting Room Bespoke Poster

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