Zurich Office

Wayfinding signage and adaptable wall graphics informed by the users

Zurich Bank
Dublin, Ireland

The Brief
Design a wayfinding system and useful wall designs that expressed the client’s new brand and complimented the new office interior design whilst also ensuring the 3D wall graphics were adaptable where possible.

Wayfinding Signage System

The Design
The design of the wayfinding system aids employees and visitors to navigate the workplace and carpark. Our design was informed by the new Zurich brand identity and the office interior design, both of which had an emphasis on curved form. Washed white oak and the Zurich brand blue was used to create an integrated design system.

We worked with the team at Zurich to identify how the different teams use their workspace which allowed us to create experiential graphics that were useful and tailored to their needs. We endeavored to make the wall installations as adaptable as possible using writable magnetic surfaces and frames where news or posters can be easily replaced.


Flexible, branded noticeboard

The Outcome
A useful and adaptable branded graphics package and an elegant wayfinding system that aids easy navigation through the building.

Magnetic Wall Game

Adaptable Frames