LinkedIn HQ Wayfinding

Flexible design shows the way in a shared space

1 Year (2016)
Graz, Austria

The Brief
Design a wayfinding system for an office split over three levels in a shared building. The design needed to be adjustable to allow for changes over time.

The Design
Sliding room callouts on large floor numbers that could be easily removed and replaced by the client. This insured flexibility and future-proofing for the wayfinding system.


The Outcome
The wayfinding system improved spatial communication and orientation for the office users, particularly as the building was shared. The system was easy to use and flexible for the client.


At Seek Design we are passionate about wayfinding. The design of an intuitive wayfinding system requires interior and architectural thinking and we plan meticulously how a user will navigate a building. This results in systems that will orientate the user even in a complicated space.

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